Hurco TM8 CNC Lathe

  • Turning length: 483 mm
  • Turning Ø: 256 mm
  • Ø above the bed: 548.6 mm
  • Ø above transversing slide: 320 mm
  • Length between centers: 584.2 mm
  • X-axis: 203.2 mm
  • Z-axis: 508 mm
  • Spindle bore: 61 mm
  • Number of turrets: 1
  • Number of tools on turret: 10
  • Number of rotating tools: 10
  • Turning speed: 4800 rpm
  • Spindle motor power: 11.2 kW
  • Tailstock


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Buy our Hurco TM8 CNC Lathe with HURCO ULTIMAX control, combining precision and efficiency. With a turning length of 483mm and a turning diameter of 256mm, it’s versatile for various workpieces. Featuring a robust structure with a Ø above the bed of 548.6mm and Ø above the transversing slide of 320mm, it offers ample space for machining.

The machine boasts a 584.2mm length between centres, 203.2mm X-axis, and 508m Z-axis travel for extensive machining capabilities. With a 61mm spindle bore and a maximum turning speed of 4800 rpm, it delivers high-performance machining. Equipped with a single turret holding 10 tools, including 10 rotating tools, it enhances productivity. Powered by an 11.2 kW spindle motor, the Hurco TM8 CNC Lathe ensures reliable CNC lathe operations.