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I am writing this, not as a major customer but as a very keen and discerning model engineer who has good reason to thank Blue Diamond for all their help and assistance over the years.

I first met Brian Burn of Blue Diamond Machine Tools Ltd about fourteen years ago when I wanted to rebuild a high quality toolroom lathe which had seen better days. Brian agreed to regrind all the slides and make new components beyond my capability.

By the time I collected it a week later I knew Blue Diamond had carried out a superb job and everything fitted together perfectly. To this day I am still using this lovely machine, producing excellent results.

Since that time I have acquired various other machines from Blue Diamond, receiving the same reliable, honest, caring service. This is great to know when a lot of dealers only prefer to chase after the big names.

For me, Blue Diamond are the company of choice when I need to expand my workshop.

Richard Radcliffe, York

We have used Blue Diamond for over 20 years when we upgraded our DSG Lathes at Woodside.

Very qualified and professional machine tool rebuilding company, with competitively priced and guaranteed work who I continually to use and recommend for refurbishment of lathes and other machines for Europe and Africa. Over last 2 years have completed 4 DSG lathes plus 1 Lehmann lathe most professionally.

Well worth asking to quote on your existing DSG or any make of lathe.

Best Regards,

Jim Dowds

A couple of years ago we purchased a fully refurbished Jones and Shipman 1300 universal grinder from Blue Diamond, to replace an old machine. The machine has proved to be an excellent investment.

It has worked every day since we received it, to the original accuracy specifications without any issues what so ever.

We would not hesitate to recommend Blue Diamond machine rebuilds to anyone and are currently having a Bridgeport turret mill fully rebuilt.

Andrew Wilkinson (Director), John Andrews Precision Engineering Limited

Having been one of the operators of our previous cylindrical grinder I can vouch for the massive

improvement in both accuracy and ease/speed of operation.

Everyone who works on the machine comments on how good it is, the machine really is as good as new.

Craig (Machine Shop Foreman), John Andrews Precision Engineering Limited

Very professional company and highly recommend their services

GD Machinery LTD

We have purchased a number of machine tools, machine tool parts and workshop equipment from blue diamond over the past 10 years and have been extremely satisfied with the service and quality. Brian has a great deal of knowledge and has always been more than helpful with advice throughout this time. Blue diamond is always our first contact when we are looking for anything in the machining industry.

Russell Walker
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