Special Purpose Machinery

Blue Diamond Machine Tools offers custom-designed special purpose machines tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we can rebuild or update your existing machinery to enhance its performance, offer additional functionality and extend its lifespan.

Special purpose machines are custom-manufactured machines designed to meet specific client needs. Each machine is unique in its concept and construction, tailored precisely to solve bespoke requirements in areas such as assembly, handling, and testing. Unlike standard off-the-shelf machinery, which might not fully meet all specifications, special purpose machines are developed when a more personalised and precise solution is necessary. These custom-built machines offer a targeted approach to unique challenges, often incorporating elements of standard equipment to create an optimal turnkey solution tailored to the client’s specifications.

We have designed and built a range of equipment, from simple angle milling devices for horizontal borers to CNC controlled special purpose machines and complete manufacturing facilities. We have rebuilt various machines for clients, including friction welders and riveting machines. Our manufactured machines include those capable of turning plastic at high speeds in long lengths and cutting 14 grooves in wood rails. Additionally, we have developed an orbital milling machine for machining lengths of plastic from square or round to smaller diameters, achieving lengths up to 3 metres with an accuracy of ±0.05mm for repeatability and roundness (Ortho).

All work is carried out in house, from the design to the manufacturing of the special purpose machine. Both mechanical and electrical work is carried out by our experienced staff.

Special Purpose Machinery