Churchill AC Internal Grinder

  • Swivel workhead
  • Swivel table
  • Complete with table dresser, 2 Fixed Steadies and 1 other spindle and coolant tank
  • Dimensions 22’ x 5’ x 6’ and weighs 7.5 tons
  • Machine is in very good condition
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The Churchill AC Internal Grinder is a high performance grinding machine designed for demanding industrial applications. The machine features a swivel workhead and swivel table for flexible operation and infinitely variable table speeds for precise control. It also comes with a table dresser, 2 fixed steadies and 1 additional spindle for added versatility. In addition, the machine includes a coolant tank for improved cooling and reduced vibration. Weighing 7.5 tons, this Churchill grinding machine is in very good condition and perfect for industries that require high-precision grinding.